The Center for Assistance in Research using the eRecord

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The Center for Assistance in Research using the eRecord (CARe) is a single point-of-contact for researchers who want to use the UPMC electronic medical record (EMR), or eRecord, for research purposes. Whether you need help with the regulatory process, a cohort list to conduct a retrospective review, a full data set, an alert to facilitate recruitment, or anything else related to using the UPMC EMR systems for research, CARe can help.

CARe Introduction

Getting Started

To get started working with CARe, all that's needed is to complete the submission form with as much information as you have about your project and what you need from CARe. After you have submitted the request, CARe will review your request for regulatory compliance and then work with you to clarify your requirements, prepare an estimate for the cost to complete the project, and then send the estimate to you for approval. After you agree to the costs, CARe will coordinate the effort to complete your request with the appropriate EMR team(s).

There are no costs for prep-to-research data, which consist of aggregate counts and summary statistics only. Also, if you are a member of the UPMC workforce and want to do a self-extract or chart review using the EMR that you have regular legitimate access to, there are no costs for that as well, but per UPMC policy, you would still need to submit a request to CARe for regulatory review of your IRB protocol. CARe regulatory review also has no cost.

Note that CARe’s regulatory review is not an additional “approval,” rather it is done to ensure that all necessary regulatory approvals are in place for what the researcher is requesting from the UPMC EMR. CARe can also assist with revisions to an IRB protocol, if needed, to ensure compliance between what is permitted and what is being requested.

For more information, please visit the FAQ page.